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At Hardy Fruit Tree Nursery, we sell cold-hardy fruit trees suited to Canada's northern climate. Our fruit trees are grown naturally and have been selected from among hundreds of varieties to offer you the very best varieties that can be grown in Canada, from Alberta to Nova Scotia.

Now taking spring orders. Delivery in April and May 2018. Inventory to be updated soon!



Area calculator

December 12 - 2017

We built a tool to enable you to calculate the amount of land needed to plant the trees you wish to plant. Please note that this table has been built with trees grafted on standard rootstock like those we sel...

Bagging: How to get perfect fruit without pesticide

March 4 - 2015

We planted an orchard of more than 200 hardy apple varieties years ago in order to test their hardiness, taste, disease and bug resistance in Canadian conditions. After 10 years observation, we successfully i...

How to plant a bare rooted tree?

January 26 - 2014

Wondering what is the best technique to plant a bare rooted tree? Come and learn how! We sell bare rooted trees, which are not the same as the potted trees most people are used to. Planting a potted ...

How to prune a fruit tree?

January 20 - 2014

Pruning a fruit tree from a young age is essential for its future. Pruning a small tree will provide a good structure, good balance, aesthetic appeal and facilitates an easier harvest in years to come. &n...

Why are fruit trees grafted?

January 16 - 2014

Grafting is a technique that has been practiced for thousands of years by many civilisations, including the Chinese. It is still one of the main tree propagation techniques used. Grafting occurs naturally in ...

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