922-End Apple Tree - Zone 1 - One of the 3 Hardiest Apple Trees -

922-End Apple Tree - Zone 1 - One of the 3 Hardiest Apple Trees

922-End is one of the extremely rare apple trees that is good tasting and capable of thriving up to zone 1. Amongst the 3 hardiest apple trees we could find growing in zone 1, it will grow healthy where nothing else will survive.

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The fruit

922-End is one of the only good tasting full size apples able to grow up to zone 1. It is tart but good tasting, and very juicy. While it is good to eat fresh, it is more of a processing apple; it makes excellent apple juice, apple sauce and apple pies. 922-End is a yellow apple with a red cheek and is ready to harvest by September 10th. At time of harvest, the apple is about 80% red. It does not store long. 922-End does best when grown in very cold climates. If grown in warmer climates (zone 5 or warmer), the fruit must be harvested half-ripe because it goes soft very rapidly.

The apple tree

922 end is one of the extremely rare good tasting apples that will grow in zone 1. It is suitable for extreme cold climates and is grown in the Peace River Country of Northern Alberta and Fairbanks, Alaska. The tree is vigorous and spreading and can withstand -42 Celsius over long periods of time, without any tip damage. Fruit are scab resistant. 922-End is a spur type apple tree.

Its origin

922-End apple tree was bred in Alberta, by the Prairie Farm breeding program, but remains quite unknown. It comes from “plot 9, row 22, end of row” hence the name 922 End. It was brought to our attention as one of the top apples you can grow in zone 1 and 2 by a friend who has been testing fruit tree varieties in Alberta for decades.


Height at maturity7 metres (23 feet)
Spacing9 metres (30 feet)
Hardiness zone1
SoilWell drained
Sun / shadeFull sun
Average fruit weight
Fruit colorYellow with red cheek
Years to bear fruit5
Latin nameMalus sp. 922-End
Average diameter of fruit
Also known as