Alexander Apple Tree - Zone 4 - An heirloom giant apple  - The Alexander apple variety (Malus Alexander) is an heirloom variety originating from Ukraine in the 1700's.

Alexander Apple Tree - Zone 4 - An heirloom giant apple

Sorry, unavailable for Fall 2020- Spring 2021 orders. The Alexander apple variety (Malus  Alexander) is an heirloom variety originating from Ukraine in the 1700's.

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The fruit

The Alexander apple is giant. You can make a whole pie using only one apple! The fruit is sweet and has a light fruity aroma, it is good to eat fresh, but it is better for cooking. It makes wonderful apple sauce. It is not a very good keeper, but it will be okay if stored up to two months. It is a mid-season ripening heirloom variety. One really great feature of the Alexander variety is that the fruit do not all ripen at the same time, for a period of about one month they will be ready to harvest, allowing you to extend your harvest. The Alexander apple is red on the sun exposed side and green on the shaded side.

The tree

The Alexandre apple tree is resistant to apple scab. This is often the case with heirloom varieties as they did not have fungicides in the 1700's to treat their trees! They had to choose the very best varieties to propagate, and they often made such a great choice that we still propagate them 300 years later. It is also known to have some susceptibility to fireblight. Alexander, unlike most apple varieties, is self-sterile. This means that you need to have another apple tree nearby if you want to get fruit.

The origin

The origin of the Alexander (Malus sp. Alexander) variety is not clear, but most people agree that it was born in Ukraine in the 1700's and that it was brought to England in 1817 by a nurseryman from Hammersmith named Mr. Lee. Mr. Lee then exposed its fruit to the London Horticultural society, the fruit he presented had a diameter of five inches and half and weighed in at 538g.

Originally, in Ukraine, the apple was named Aporta, but Mr. Lee renamed the variety Alexander 1st in honour of the Russian Emperor. The name was then modified and it was called : Grand Alexander, Emperor Alexander, Kaiser Alexander, Beauty of Queen, Russian Emperor, Aport Alexander and Aubertin. Nowadays, most people simply call it Alexander.

Mr. Andre Leroy (1801-1875), a  well known and respected french nurseryman from Angers, asserts having seen an Alexander Apple of 37 cm circumference. Wow!

* A special thanks to Jim Brown for allowing us to use one of his photo. You can visit his blog here.

Height at maturity7 metres (23 feet)
Spacing9 metres (30 feet)
Hardiness zone4
SoilWell drained
Sun / shadeFull sun
Average fruit weight200g
Fruit colorRed and green
Years to bear fruit
Latin nameMalus sp. Alexander
Average diameter of fruit100 x 75 mm (3 x 4 inches)
Also known as