September Ruby apple tree - Zone 1 - The King of the North -

September Ruby apple tree - Zone 1 - The King of the North

We are (very) sorry, our September Ruby Apple is still  unavailable for fall 2018 and spring 2019 orders. You will be able to pre-order them on August 1st, 2019.

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September Ruby is the King of the North. It is the hardiest apple and you will want to try it very far North. Fruiting in Alaska zone 1, this quality apple has all it takes to give hope to northern orchardists.

The fruit

September Ruby is an extremely hardy tart apple with dark red skin and a light green base. Occasionally the apple is completely red. About 5-7cm in size, the greenish white flesh is tasty and crunchy. The September Ruby apple is excellent in pies, is good for eating fresh and outstanding for juicing.  It is most likely to become your favourite apple for juice, since its sweet and tart taste is perfectly balanced for it. The apples will ripen between September and early October. The fruit will keep for about 4 months.

The apple tree

September Ruby is the ultimate hardy apple tree holding its own in zone 1. No amount of frost can kill it. Moderately resistant to fire blight, it's annually productive and a vigorous grower with high yields. September Ruby will benefit from thinning by giving you bigger fruit (3 inches +) instead of smaller apples. As with all our other apple trees, September Ruby is grafted on full size standard hardy rootstock.

Its origin

The September Ruby's sweet and tart flavour had its origins at the Morden Research Station in Manitoba. Its parentage is from the Rescue and Haralson varieties. It was released in 1986, after being tested under the name PF36.


This variety is in very limited supply and it is probable it will sell out quickly. However, the trees are still growing and more may become available in the coming weeks.
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Height at maturity7 metres (23 feet)
Spacing9 metres (30 feet)
Hardiness zone1
SoilWell drained
Sun / shadeFull sun
HarvestSeptember to early October
Average fruit weight
Fruit colorRed skin and a light green base
Years to bear fruit
Latin nameMalus sp. September Ruby (Malus sp. Rescue x Malus sp. Haralson)
Average diameter of fruit5-7cm
Also known as