Raspberry, blackberry, elderberry and red currant are shrubs occupying a small space but their harvest is a real treat. A berry plant such as raspberry and blackberry is perennial. However, while their roots remain and extend in the soil, their stems live only 2 years. The first year a stem comes out of the ground, it will simply grow without giving a fruit. The second year, the stem will give fruit and then die. Only this stem dies. While this stem was busy giving fruit, the roots have been shooting multiple new stems that will be giving berries next year, and so on! This is how a berry plant lives. To get a full row of stems within 2 or 3 years, plant your raspberry and black berry every half a meter (2 feet) in a straight line.

At Hardy Fruit Tree Nursery we take seriously the crisis situation of COVID-19, but all our operations are nonetheless continuing as normal. Everyone in our enthusiastic team lives on the land, and we are closed to the public in general.

Since all our trees are produced right here at the nursery, we don’t depend on any external production, and we can therefore assure our customers that all the trees remain available and will be delivered as normal throughout April and May. Long live local production!

Orders are made online. Shipping fees for Quebec and Ontario are a flat rate of $35 per order. Other provinces vary between $50 and $100 depending on location and order size. Check here for detailed information.