Black Chokeberry - Aronia melanocarpa - Zone 4 -

Black Chokeberry - Aronia melanocarpa - Zone 4

The black chokeberry is an indigenous shrub with dark green glossy foliage, which turns bright red in the fall.


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Its flowers are white or pink, they appear in late spring and produce black berries very rich in antioxidants in September.

Height at maturity1,5m to 2m (3 to 6 feet)
Spacing2m (6 feet)
Hardiness zone3
SoilAll type of soil
Sun / shadeFull sun to partial shade
HarvestAugust to September
Average fruit weight1.25g/fruit - 2 kg of fruits per plant
Fruit colorDark blue
Years to bear fruit3
Latin nameAronia melanocarpa
Average diameter of fruit6-8 mm
Also known as