Pathfinder Raspberry - Fall bearing -

Pathfinder Raspberry - Fall bearing

Pathfinder is a classic, tried-and-tested raspberry variety. An extremely productive raspberry with medium to large fruit. The fruit are firm and they have a good flavour. It is the earliest fall bearing raspberry, ready to harvest in August.

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The Raspberry

The Pathfinder is a very productive raspberry of good classic flavour. It is firm so it keeps a bit longer and they can be harvested over a period of more than a month, from August until first frosts.

The Origin

Pathfinder is the third generation of seedlings from a cross between northern Wyoming plants and the variety Augustred that was developed at the High Plains Grasslands Research Station, Cheyenne, Wyoming. It took 24 years of plant breeding and field evaluation to come up with Pathfinder before the US Department of Agriculture released it to nurserymen in 1976.


As Pathfinder is a fall bearing raspberry, the care is a bit different, but very simple! The best way ti work with fall bearing raspberry plants is to prune them off to the ground in fall after they have finished to fruit. Just remove everything that's off the ground. In spring, new bramble will grow and fruit in August.


We suggest planting in a row with 2ft in between each plant. Planted at this distance, the raspberry brambles will fill the row in about three years. If you desire your raspberry plants to fill the row in less than 3 years, plant them at a distance of less than 2ft apart. If you want the raspberry plants to take more than 3 years to fill the row, plant them at a distance of greater than 2ft apart.

The roots of the raspberry plants are e-x-t-r-e-m-e-l-y sensitive to drying out during plantation. As with all the plants we sell, the raspberry plants are sold bare-rooted. This means that when you receive them, they are not in pots but are packed in earth and wrapped in thick plastic. When you open the package, the roots will be exposed to air and sun and will start to dry out. The roots can dry out and die in less than 30 seconds!

How do you plant without drying the roots? It’s simple. Dig your holes before you open the package; situate yourself beside the first hole, take out one raspberry plant at a time, close the package again immediately, and bury the roots of the raspberry plant without delay. Continue this way with the other holes. The important step is to close the package immediately after taking each plant out.

Alternatively, you can also open the package and place all the raspberry plants in a bucket of water, and go from hole to hole with the bucket, planting each raspberry plant as soon as it is taken out of the bucket. Warning! Ensure that there is enough water in the bucket to cover the entire root system of the plants.

Once all the raspberry brambles are planted, water them abundantly. Planted this way, you should have 100% rate of success.

Height at maturity1 metre (3 feet)
Spacing60 cm (2 feet)
Hardiness zone2
SoilWell drained
Sun / shadeFull sun
HarvestAugust until the first frost
Average fruit weightMedium to large
Fruit colorRed-Pink
Years to bear fruit2
Latin nameRubus idaeus Pathfinder
Average diameter of fruit
Also known as