Red Mulberry - Morus rubra - Zone 5 -

Red Mulberry - Morus rubra - Zone 5

Sorry, unavailable for Fall 2020- Spring 2021 orders. The Red Mulberry is a rare and endangered fruit tree with gorgeous, sweet red berries.

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Red mulberry is the only mulberry species native to Canada, and is considered an endangered species. It is a big, beautiful tree producing small berries which somewhat resemble blackberries in appearance, very dark red or purple in colour when they are ripe in the summer. They are sweet and juicy and good for eating straight from the tree, but can also be used in jams, jellies and preserves. They are very attractive to wildlife, so you could have some competition to harvest them! The tree is resistant to air pollution and drought; and is quite low maintenance in general. It can grow in a wide range of soil types, but for ideal conditions it prefers deep, rich soil.

Our variety is grafted and originates from a very productive tree in zone 5 in southern Lanaudière, Quebec. We are presently testing it in zone 4 to see if it can handle the winter. 9 metresAt the height of the season, the road underneath where the tree was growing turned bright red from the juice of all the fruit! You might want to be careful about planting it over your balcony for this reason...


Height at maturity9 metre
Spacing10 metre
Hardiness zone5
Sun / shadeFull sun to part shade
Average fruit weight
Fruit colordark red to purple
Years to bear fruit
Latin nameMorus rubra
Average diameter of fruit
Also known as