Wild Blueberry - Vaccinium angustifolium - Zone 2 -

Wild Blueberry - Vaccinium angustifolium - Zone 2

Sorry, wild blueberry are not available for fall 2017 and spring 2018. Wild blueberry is a deciduous shrub that produces small berries with superior flavour than that of cultivated blueberries and health benefits galore.

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The fruit

The Wild Blueberry is a small berry with a vibrant dark blue colouration. They are smaller than cultivated blueberries but pack a much more intense flavour. They have also been discovered to have more health benefits, the extent of which we are only beginning to become aware. They have twice the antioxidant capacity found in a cultivated blueberry and are an excellent source of vitamin C and dietary fibre. Their potent flavour makes them ideal for cooking, baking and smoothies, and of course eating by the handful.  Harvest begins in mid-August and lasts through most of September.

The Plant

Wild Blueberries are low-growing deciduous shrubs, capable of reaching heights of 60 cm but rarely exceeding 35 cm tall. They have small elliptical leaves that are blue green in summer and turn purple with the arrival of fall. Small bell-shaped white flowers dot the landscape during early summer, providing a nice colour relief. The root system is generally shallow and extensive and the plants spread consistently through rhizomes that grow outwards and put up new shoots. This is a slow process though so you can look away without fear of missing anything.  These plants are highly versatile, being adaptable to most types of soil and either full sun or shade, though they will do the very best in acidic soils with pH ranges between 4.5 and 5.5. This ability to grow on poor soils give them potential in the reclamation of industrially or fire damaged areas where they are an important succession species in the transition from field to forest. Their adaptability extends to an extreme tolerance to fire, to the point that many commercial growers burn their field every few years to kill weeds, fertilize the soil and promote more extensive growth of blueberry plants.

Height at maturity35-60 cm
Spacing50 cm
Hardiness zone2a
Sun / shadeFull sun / Partial shade
HarvestMid-August - Late September
Average fruit weight
Fruit colorDark blue
Years to bear fruit
Pollinationself-fertile but best with cross-pollination
Latin nameVaccinium Angustifolium
Average diameter of fruit1/4 inch
Also known asLowbush Blueberry