Amur Corktree - <em>Phellodendron amurense</em> - Zone 3 -

Amur Corktree - Phellodendron amurense - Zone 3

Amur Corktree is a fast growing, medium sized deciduous tree and a versatile ornamental. It is native to the eastern reaches of the Asian continent, where it is best known for its many medicinal uses, and was brought over to North America for its ornamental qualities. 5-7 FEET ONLY FOR PICK-UP.


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The tree

Amur Corktree is a long-lived species that reaches heights of 10-15 metres and even greater spreads. It tends towards a multi-trunked framework or a short thick trunk with low very large branches but can be trained to do otherwise. The tree has an extensive and fibrous root system that gives it a strong base and facilitates successful transplanting. It can grow in almost any environmental conditions, tolerating soil pH ranging between 5 and 8.2, full sun or full shade,  and showing no ill effects from air pollution or salt spray. It has glossy, dark green leaflets with a distinctive citrusy smell and from mid-June to mid-July produces small clusters of green/black fruit that are not particularly palatable. Its primary ornamental feature is almost spongy corklike bark that is dark grey in colour with deep fissuring, the inspiration for its scientific name (Phellos for cork and Dendron for tree). The tree has very few pests and is hardy to zone 3. It is dioecious, meaning that there are male and female plants. Seeds germinate very easily making it an easy tree to propagate but also, in conjunction with its incredible versatility, making it potentially quite invasive if both a male and a female tree are planted nearby.

Its uses

Amur Corktree, called Huang Bo in Mandarin, holds an important place in Chinese herbal medicine. The dried bark is used in innumerable treatments. It is an attractive ornamental tree, largely for its unique bark but its picturesque form and impressive stature also contribute to its popularity as a shade tree. The wood of this tree is also prized by many woodworkers due to its strength, attractive grain and rot resistance. It is very useful for making railings and bollards for erosion control.

Height at maturity15 metres (49 feet)
Spacing10 metres (32 feet)
Hardiness zone3
Sun / shadeadaptale
FloweringLate May
Average fruit weight
Fruit colorBlack
Years to bear fruit
Latin namePhellodendron amurense
Average diameter of fruit1 cm
Also known ashuáng bò