English oak - <em>Quercus robur</em> - Zone 4 -

English oak - Quercus robur - Zone 4

English Oak is a large and long-lived deciduous shade tree native to most of Europe west of the Caucasus, northern Africa, and western Asia. This noble tree is often referred to as the king of trees and holds an important place in European mythology and folklore.

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The Tree

English oak is an extremely long-lived tree capable of reaching at least 500 years old with many specimens far exceeding this. It grows relatively quickly for the first 100 years and then slows down though it continues to increase its girth consistently. They can reach up to 30 m high and have very stout trunks with some exceptional specimens reaching diameters of 3-4 metres. The tree tends to develop an open form with branches developing low on the trunk. This gives it a more gnarled appearance and a more intersticed canopy than the other oaks. The bark is silvery brown in youth and becomes rugged and fissured with age while darkening in colour. The leaves are smaller than other oak leaves and easily distinguishable by two small lobes where the leaf meets the stalk. English oak acorns are long and narrow and develop in clusters on the tree. They are born on long stalks (peduncules) that give rise to its other common name ‘’pedunculate oak’’. They are very high in tannins and are not the best acorns for consumption. The tree is capable of thriving in a very wide range of environmental conditions, doing well in all soils, sun or partial shade, and is extremely drought tolerant.

Its Uses

English oak is a very good shade tree and landscape tree and is tolerant of urban conditions. Its wood was the primary material used to build the British navy that ruled the seas for much of the 18th through the 20th centuries. English oak lumber remains highly valued for its strength and durability and is used for cabinetry, furniture, interior trim, flooring, boatbuilding, barrels, and veneer.

Height at maturity30 metres (100 feet)
Spacing10 metres (32 feet)
Hardiness zone5
Sun / shadeAdaptable
Average fruit weightn/a
Fruit colorn/a
Years to bear fruitn/a
Latin nameQuercus robur
Average diameter of fruitn/a
Also known asPedunculate Oak