Swamp White Oak - <em>Quercus bicolor</em> - Zone 4 -

Swamp White Oak - Quercus bicolor - Zone 4

Swamp white oak is a medium to large deciduous tree native to the northeastern parts of the United States and southeastern Canada. It is an excellent shade tree that doesn’t mind wet soils and produces sweet edible acorns.

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The Tree

Swamp white oak is fast growing for an oak and generally reaches heights around 22 metres with the tallest specimen being 29 metres tall. The young tree exhibits a stiff pyramidal form and develops a broad, shady canopy and more drooping structure as it ages. These trees can live up to 350 years in ideal circumstances but are becoming rarer across their native range, likely due to a combination of their timber value and loss of swampy habitat. The bark of the adult tree is dark brown with deeply ridged furrows while the younger bark is flakier. The leaves are similar to those of other white oaks, dark green and glossy with a fuzzy pale underside, but generally with fewer lobes. Fall colours are generally yellows and oranges, occasionally red. Swamp white oaks have a spreading and shallow root system and lack the deep taproot of other oaks, making them the easiest oak for transplanting. They are a pretty versatile tree, sharing with other oaks the ability to persist in shade and demonstrating a greater tolerance of poorly drained and heavy clay soils . They will be at their best in rich, moist locations.

Its Uses

Swamp White Oak is a wonderful shade and landscaping tree but is best planted outside of heavily urban areas due to a sensitivity to both salt and air pollution. The acorns are sweet and edible but must first be processed to remove the bitter tannins. Its wood is of equally good quality as the rest of the white oaks and is valued by the lumber industry.

Height at maturity20 metres (65 feet)
Spacing9 metres (30 feet)
Hardiness zone4
Soilmoist, well drained
Sun / shadeAdaptable
FloweringLate May
Average fruit weight
Fruit color
Years to bear fruit40
Latin nameQuercus bicolor
Average diameter of fruit
Also known as