White Ash - Fraxinus americana - Zone 4 -

White Ash - Fraxinus americana - Zone 4

White ash is a medium/large deciduous tree native to eastern and central North America. It is a popular shade and lawn tree and the wood is used extensively, most iconically as the favoured material for making baseball bats. It is among the trees we offer that are tolerant of walnut juglone toxicity.

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The Tree

White ashes are the largest and most common of the native North American ashes. These fast-growing trees can eventually reach heights of 25 to 30 metres in good conditions, with large spreading crowns when grown in open space. Trunks can attain up to 1. 5 metres in diameter and the trees will develop extensive root systems, often with large surface roots. Life expectancy would typically top out at 300 years. The bark is gray, lighter when young and darkening with age. It develops a diamond shaped ridging. The leaves are compound leaves with an odd-pinnate arrangement. Small purple flowers are produced in April/May before the leaves, which are relatively late arriving. Each leaf features on average 7 smooth edged lanceolate leaflets, dark green on top, white underneath. These trees will do best in moist soils and full sun but they are tolerant of all but the most waterlogged and arid conditions and can survive in shade but without significant growth. White ashes are considered to be highly tolerant of urban conditions but are under significant threat from pest and disease, in particular the emerald ash borer.

Its Uses

White ash trees are great landscaping trees by virtue of their size, elegance and dense, rounded canopies. The primary concern for such plantings is the tendency towards developing surface roots that can crack sidewalks or walkways and be a nuisance for lawn maintenance. Urban conditions are not a problem as they are quite tolerant of salt and air pollution. Some aboriginal peoples used the bark to make yellow dye. The wood lumber is highly prized for its combination of pliability, strength and shock resistance. It is very commonly used for tool handles and sporting goods such as hockey sticks and baseball bats. It is also widely considered to produce some of the very best firewood.10 metres (30 feet)

Height at maturity30 metres (100 feet)
Spacing10 metres (30 feet)
Hardiness zone4
Soilmoist, well drained
Sun / shadeFull sun / Partial shade
Average fruit weightn/a
Fruit colorn/a
Years to bear fruitn/a
Latin nameFraxinus americana
Average diameter of fruitn/a
Also known asCane Ash