Brianna Grape Vine - Zone 4 - Delicious grape, good for juice -

Brianna Grape Vine - Zone 4 - Delicious grape, good for juice

Brianna is a medium to large disease resistant green grape. It is a great table and juice grape, with complex fruity undertones.

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Brianna is a medium to large grape that is greenish gold in colour. Slip skin grape. The flavour is very fruity with hints of tropical fruit like pineapple and mango. While it makes an excellent seeded table grape it is most popular as a juice grape, imparting a unique and complex flavour. The vine is an early producer with good vigour and productivity. It gives medium sized clusters within an orderly growth habit. The vine has relatively good resistance to common grape diseases and is hardy to at least zone 4, or 3 with snow cover, while being very tolerant to temperature extremes at both ends of the spectrum. Self-fertile but will benefit from pollination with another variety.

Brianna was developed by Elmer Swenson and is an interspecific hybrid of fox grape (Vitis labrusca) and frost grape (Vitis riparia).


Height at maturityAs high as its support
Spacing1.8 metres (6 feet)
Hardiness zone4 (3 with good snow cover)
SoilWell drained, can be poor soil
Sun / shadeFull sun
Average fruit weight
Fruit colorGreen
Years to bear fruit3
PollinationSelf-fertile but better with pollinator
Latin nameVitis labrusca X Vitis riparia Brianna
Average diameter of fruit
Also known as