Kay Gray Grape Vine - Zone 3 - Disease resistant green table grape -

Kay Gray Grape Vine - Zone 3 - Disease resistant green table grape

Kay Gray is a medium sized green table grape with impressive disease resistance and cold-hardiness.

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Kay Gray is a medium sized green grape with an almost golden coloration. It has a firm but yielding texture and slip skin. The grape is juicy and low in acid. The favour is mildly sweet with fruity undertones, an excellent table grape. The vine is a good producer, ripening in early September and gives grapes in many small clusters. It has exceptional disease resistance and is able to withstand temperatures as low as -42C.

Kay Gray was introduce in 1981 by Elmer Swenson in Osceola, Wisconsin. It originated as a seedling of ES 217 (a cross of MN 78 and Golden Muscat). Swenson collected open-pollinated seeds from this vine, and one seedling eventually became Kay Gray. Swenson suspected its other parent might be an old South Dakota cultivar ``Onaka`` that was growing nearby It was discovered during a year where he was unable to spray his vines and it stood out due to its health and resistance to disease that struck the other vines. It went on to be used heavily in his breeding program, helping give rise to other popular varieties Louise Swenson and Brianna.

Height at maturityAs high as its support
Spacing1.8 metres (6 feet)
Hardiness zone3 (2 with good snow cover)
SoilWell drained, can be poor soil
Sun / shadeFull sun
HarvestLate August to Early-September
Average fruit weight
Fruit colorGreen
Years to bear fruit3
Latin nameVitis sp. Kay Gray
Average diameter of fruit
Also known as