Radisson Grape Vine - Zone 4a - A sweet and aromatic blue juice grape -

Radisson Grape Vine - Zone 4a - A sweet and aromatic blue juice grape

Radisson is a purple grape with seeds. It is highly resistant to early spring and fall frosts, making it well adapted for short growing seasons. The flavour is sweet with little acidity.

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The grape

Radisson grape is an excellent juice grape. It is relatively small and the seeds quite large by comparison to commercial table grapes, but juice yields are significant. The juice is lightly coloured and fruity with low acidity. When the fruits are fully ripe sugar levels will top out at about 19 brix. The average weight of the grape is 2g and clusters are relatively compact weighing on average 100g. It is a slip skin grape.

The Vine

Radisson grape vine is a highly productive and moderately vigorous plant with a semi-erect growth habit. It nonetheless benefits from support. It has a strong resistance to common diseases and is hardy to at least zone 4a, withstanding the early spring and fall frosts of northern climes. Average production in good conditions is 6.5 t/ha. It will do best in soils that are neither too wet nor too rich. Fruit will develop best and develop the most flavour in cooler climates. The vines we sell are 2 years old.


Radisson is a hybrid created by Elmer Swenson, first introduced to Quebec in 1994. It counts the variety Villard Blanc among its forebears. Previously named E.S. 5-17, it may have been mixed up with E.S. 4-9-12 upon its introduction to Quebec and the number currently used is thus likely not the original one.

Height at maturityDepends on trellis
Spacing1.8 metres (6 feet)
Hardiness zone4a
SoilWell drained
Sun / shadeFull sun
Average fruit weight2g per grape / 100 g per cluster
Fruit colorPurple
Years to bear fruit3
Latin nameVitis sp. Radisson
Average diameter of fruit
Also known asE.S. 5-17