Buartnut - A Fast Growing Hybrid Walnut Tree -

Buartnut - A Fast Growing Hybrid Walnut Tree

The Buartnut (Juglans cinerea x Juglans spp.)  is a vigorous and fast growing walnut tree. It is disesase resistant and very productive.

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Its origin and disease resistance

The name Buartnut originated from the cross between the Butternut and Heartnut. As time passed, however, Buartnut is now used to name any hybrid of Butternut. Our Buartnut (Juglans cinerea x Juglans spp.) seedlings can be hybrids from Heartnut or any other walnut (Juglans) species. Unlike other Butternut trees however, they are disease resistant and will grow fast.

Its growth and nut

Buartnut is totally resistant to the butternut canker, and they grow much faster than a butternut tree. Because it's a cross, the nut itself is variable from one tree to another. It is sometimes more similar to the butternut, or looks more like the Japanese walnut. The Buartnut tree will grow in zone 3 but it needs a zone 4 climate to produce nuts. As with the Black Walnut (and all the walnut trees growing here), its shell is very hard, a more solid tool than the common nut cracker is needed to remove the nut from the shell.


Please note that 5-7 feet tall Buartnuts are reserved for pick-up orders only, as they cannot be shipped with Canada Post.

Height at maturity30 metres (90 feet)
Spacing20 metres (65 feet)
Hardiness zone4
SoilWell drained
Sun / shadeSun
HarvestMid-September to early October
Average fruit weight
Fruit color
Years to bear fruit8
PollinationDoes best wilth a pollinator
Latin nameJuglans cinerea x Juglans spp.
Average diameter of fruit
Also known as