CHUM Cherry-plum Skinner's favourite - Zone 2 - Delicious old-fashioned all purpose fruit -

CHUM Cherry-plum Skinner's favourite - Zone 2 - Delicious old-fashioned all purpose fruit

Sorry, unavailable for Fall 2020- Spring 2021 orders. A name that sounds like a traditional folk song; an impressively hardy tree; this cherry-plum is vigorous, fast-growing and amazingly hardy!


If you think the winters are too harsh for plums or cherries to grow in your area, then this could be the variety for you to try; it was developed and thrives in the far north where stone fruit of its type is rare to find!

The fruit

This variety produces miniature, violet-red plums with pale yellow-green flesh, about 2.5 centimeter in diameter. They are good for eating fresh, and they make delicious tarts, compotes and preserves. Their skin can be a little bitter, as is the case for many hardy plum varieties.

The tree

The tree is a precocious bearer, beginning to bear fruit just 2-3 years after planting. It is also the perfect pollinator for other cherry-plums such as Opata and Manor. Like other cherry-plums, it flowers late, giving it a distinct advantage over most varieties of plum: its blossoms have a much lower risk of freezing, and it can therefore be more productive. Ordinary cherry-plums are quite small, growing to about 6' high, but ours grow somewhat taller, as they have the Canada plum as their rootstock. For this reason, this tree should be planted following the same spacing requirements of the Canada Plum.

The Origin

Skinner's Favourite was developed in Roblin, Manitoba in zone 2a, at Skinner's Nursery: part of a mission to make it possible to grow delicious, fresh stone fruit in the prairie. Skinner`s Nursery was shut down some time ago, but the legacy of these passionate fruit-growers lives on in the varieties that were developed thanks to their work.

Height at maturity4.5 m (15 feet)
Spacing4.5 m (15 feet)
Hardiness zone2
SoilSandy loam
Sun / shadeFull sun
FloweringLate May
Average fruit weight
Fruit colorReddish-purple
Years to bear fruit2-3
Pollination Self-sterile, requires a Canada Plum or another Cherry-plum for pollination
Latin namePrunus cerasifera
Average diameter of fruit2.5cm
Also known as