Opata Cherry-Plum CHUM - Zone 3a - Hybrid shrub producing aromatic and delicious fruit -

Opata Cherry-Plum CHUM - Zone 3a - Hybrid shrub producing aromatic and delicious fruit

Opata is the Sioux word for ‘bouquet’ and this cold-hardy chum certainly lives up to this moniker. The low, spreading shrub provides fragrant white blossoms and delicious aromatic fruitCan be expected to bear fruit within two years of plantation

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The fruit

Opata chum is a semi-freestone cherry-plum, on average 3 cm in diameter, with an attractive red/green exterior and yellowish-green flesh. The flesh is firm but yielding, and juicy with a flavour that is sweet with only a hint of acidity. It makes a great dessert out of the hand and is decent for preserves. The fruit is ready for harvest in mid to late august and like most stone fruits does not store for particularly long.

The Cherry-Plum Tree

Opata chum tree grows as a relatively low and spreading shrub generally manifesting a rounded form and multi-stemmed growth tendencies.  It is a vigorous grower and can be expected to bear fruit within about 2 years of plantation.

Its Origin

Opata was developed by Dr. N. E. Hansen in South Dakota and is a cross between Prunus Besseyi (western sandcherry) and Prunus salicina Gold.

Height at maturity2,5 m
Spacing2 m
Hardiness zone3a
SoilWell drained
Sun / shadeFull sun
Harvestmid to late August
Average fruit weight10 grams
Fruit colorRed/green skin - Yellow/green flesh
Years to bear fruit2
PollinationSelf-Sterile, needs another Cherry-Plum (like Skinner\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Favourite) or Prunus Nigra for pollination
Latin name
Average diameter of fruit
Also known as