Nut Tree Orchard at 40% discount -

Nut Tree Orchard at 40% discount

This Nut Tree Orchard Package includes 90 trees and will cover about two acres and half (10 500 mètres square meters, or 113 000 square foot).

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This nut tree orchard package contains nut trees for cold climate able to grow in zone 4 or warmer. It is a shame that nut trees are so rare in Canada as their nuts are a delight. What made our northern nuts less attractive for commercial development is their size, which is smaller than the ones grown in the South, and the difficulty of opening them, as some of the nuts have a strong shell. However, we sincerely believe that there is a place in the market for northern Canadian nuts. The increase of agritourism and the popularity of regional products are a great way to develop a nut tree orchard.

This package deal is including all the best quality nuts for our climate. Planting them at an optimal distance (see the description for each of them) they will be filling exactly two acres and half. If you were to buy the trees of this package individually, it would cost you $1615. We offer a discount of 40% on the lot, which makes a total of $969. Here are the trees included in the 'Nut Tree Orchard' package. We can also switch quantites for more or less trees of each species if you would prefer to adapt the package to your needs.

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