Plant a sugar bush - 100 trees at over 40% discount -

Plant a sugar bush - 100 trees at over 40% discount

Establishing a sugar bush of maple is a great gift to the next generation. A healthy Sugar Maple bush is made with 90% maples and 10% companion trees.

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Planting a Sugar Bush is a gift to your children and future generations as you will only be able to harvest the sap in 40 years. Apart from its wonderful red color in fall and its sweet sap, the Sugar Maple is a fast growing tree (about half a meter by year). To read the complete description of Sugar Maple, click here. To obtain a healthy Sugar Bush, you must plant a minimum of 10% companion trees. The package we offer contains 100 trees in total: 90 Sugar Maple (1-3 feet tall) and 10 companion trees which are chosen from amongst the following species: Basswood, Yellow Birch, Ironwood, Pin Cherry, Beech, Ash, Oak.

Although the natural distribution of Sugar Maple is south of the country, climate changes make possible a plantation in a northern area. Sugar Maple are perfectly hardy to zone 3 and grow very well in Winnipeg if they are planted. Sugar Maple can be planted out of their native zone and they will be very healthy. The western climate makes unviable the Sugar Maple seeds, so they can not naturally propagate. However, when planting a young tree, it grows very well. Who would like to start a sugar shack in the Prairies?

This Sugar Bush package of 100 trees is sold 900$, it is a discount of 42% on regular price.

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