Riverbank renaturalization package at 45% discount -

Riverbank renaturalization package at 45% discount

A package of trees perfect for planting in swampy areas, wet soils, or for riverbank renaturalization.

1-4 Feetsold-out$280.00$0.00

What is ‘riverbank renaturalization?’ In the past, a lot of artificial riverbanks were built, using materials such as concrete: this led to the damaging of the quality of water, increased erosion, and a lessening of biodiversity.

Riverbank renaturalization refers to the effort to reverse these damages by bringing back the natural organic and ecological elements of the riverbank. The roots of plants, and especially trees, that are well adapted to such regions, have the effect of stabalizing the soil of the bank, and play a huge part in bringing back biodiversity to the area. They also work to create habitats, produce biomass, and filter pollutants.

The species we chose for this package are perfect for riverbank renaturalization, but also for any soil that tends to be wet, humid, or that is flooded at some point during the year: these trees and bushes are all quite happy to have their roots in water from time to time. The package contains:

All of these trees measure between 1 and 4 feet tall. The package is sold 280$, this is a discount of 45% on regular price.

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