Riverbank renaturalization package at 45% discount -

Riverbank renaturalization package at 45% discount

This selection is adapted to riverbank renaturalization.

1-4 Feetsold-out$600.00$0.00

The species we chose to put in this package are perfect for riverbank renaturalization and for any humid or wet soil. They all can be flooded with no problem. Planting the trees and bushes for riverbank renaturalization is a great thing for 2 reasons. First, it will speed up the process of a few years, second, you are the one who decides what species will take place, bringing more biodiversity in your area. This package for riverbank renaturalization contains:

  • 20 Black Ash
  • 20 American Winterberry
  • 20 Alder

All of these trees measure between 1 and 4 feet tall. The package is sold 600$, this is a discount of 45% on regular price.

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