Collection Pears -

Collection Pears

Our list of collection apple trees will be updated and made available within the coming weeks. If you would like to add one to your order, let us know in the comment box so that we can contact you if it becomes available.

We have a collection of more than 40 varieties of pears, and we sometimes have surplus to share. This section is destined for collectors or anyone passionate to discover rare or special varieties.



1-2 Feetsold-out$35.00$0.00
2-3 Feetsold-out$40.00$0.00
3-5 Feetsold-out$45.00$0.00

Please note that we do not provide desciptions or photographs for these varieties. They are, for the most part, also new varieties for us, which we have not yet been able to taste. They are all assumed to be hardy at least to zone 4.

When adding one of the apple of the collection to your basket, make sure to take note of the name of the variety, as well as the available height, and transcribe it into the comment box when you are sending your order.

This list details:

  • Name of the variety (quantity available x height of the tree in feet)
Height at maturity10 metres (35 feet)
Spacing6 metres (20 feet)
Hardiness zone
SoilWell drained
Sun / shadeFull sun
Average fruit weight
Fruit color
Years to bear fruit
Latin namePyrus sp.
Average diameter of fruit
Also known as