Larinskaya Pear Tree - A Russian Pear Hardy to Zone 3 -

Larinskaya Pear Tree - A Russian Pear Hardy to Zone 3

Larinskaya is juicy, crisp and flavourful; a cold hardy late season pear. The tree is very productive and was discovered in Russia after 60 years of selection.

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The fruit

Larinskaya, Russian for ''belonging to Larin'' is not too sweet, not too tart; excellent for those who are not fans of extremely sweet pears. In flavour tests this variety received a score of 4.5 out of 5, which is very good for a hardy pear. It’s a small to medium sized fruit with a more rounded shape than the quintessential pear. In appearance it is light green with darker green spots and turns to a pale yellow as it ripens. The skin possesses a bumpy texture and is quite thick and resilient. The flesh is white, fine grained and juicy with a crisp texture. Good for fresh consumption and canning. Stores relatively well; lasting up to 8 weeks under ideal conditions.

The tree

The tree is fully hardy to Edmonton in zone 3a and worth trying up to zone 2b. A highly productive tree; yield high up to 46 kg per tree. There are no known issues with disease to this date.

The origin

This variety is the result of up to sixty years of hybridization and careful selection. It originated in Russia at the the South-Ural research institute of Fruit & Vegetable Growing and Potato Growing from a cross between selected seedlings of Ussuriysk pear 41-15-9 and Clapp’s Favorite. The authors of this cross are E.A. Falkenberg, M.A. Mazunin, and V.I. Putyatin.

Height at maturity10 metres (35 feet)
Spacing6 metres (20 feet)
Hardiness zone3a
Sun / shadeSun
HarvestEarly September
Average fruit weight120-130g
Fruit colorLight green with darker green spots
Years to bear fruit7
Latin namePyrus sp. Krazulya (Pyrus sp. 41-15-9 x Pyrus Clapp’s Favorite)
Average diameter of fruit
Also known asЛаринская