Nova Pear Tree - Zone 4 - Large self-fertile pear of outstanding quality -

Nova Pear Tree - Zone 4 - Large self-fertile pear of outstanding quality

Nova is a large and superbly flavourful pear. It is an extremely versatile dessert pear, good both green and ripe.

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The fruit

Nova pear is a sizeable pear with a thin yellow skin and shape that is that of a typical pear but a little rounder with more meat on it. The flesh is juicy and has a silky texture that seems to melt in the mouth. It is among the very best dessert pears but is equally suitable for canning and holds its shape very well. The pear hangs on the tree well through ripening and is ready for harvest around mid-September. It can be used both when it is green and when given further time to ripen and in both cases is an exquisite treat.

The Pear tree

Nova pear tree is good grower that fruits reliably and with excellent yields. The tree tends towards a smaller and more spreading form than most pear trees and shows resistance to fireblight and scab. It is hardy to zone 4 and is self-fertile though another variety nearby will likely maximize pollination

Its Origin

Nova was discovered on Hudar farm in Hammond, NY. It is a seedling tree of one of the numerous adult pear trees growing wild there. Sister seedling of Hudar.

This variety is in very limited supply and it is probable it will sell out quickly. However, the trees are still growing and more may become available in the coming weeks.
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Height at maturity10 metres (35 feet)
Spacing6 metres (20 feet)
Hardiness zone4
SoilWell drained
Sun / shadeFull sun
Average fruit weight
Fruit colorYellow
Years to bear fruit7
Latin namePyrus sp. Nova
Average diameter of fruit
Also known as