A permaculture garden needs a great variety of edible and useful perennial plants and trees. Many of these plants also have a ornamental value and are used in landscaping without even knowing. Edible landscaping is great, for urban gardening as well as countryside growing. In this section you can find both edible flowering ornemental trees and shrub and perennial vegetables. We will be adding more perrenials soon. Please note that when you buy a perennial, you are buying the roots only. Plant the roots, water them and they will grow, it is that simple. It might be a great idea to label them out of the ground to know what is it when it will grow and also not to forget where you planted it!

All the trees we sell are a great choice in a permaculture design. The ones that were chosen in this section are here because they do not belong to any other specific category.

At Hardy Fruit Tree Nursery we take seriously the crisis situation of COVID-19, but all our operations are nonetheless continuing as normal. Everyone in our enthusiastic team lives on the land, and we are closed to the public in general.

Since all our trees are produced right here at the nursery, we don’t depend on any external production, and we can therefore assure our customers that all the trees remain available and will be delivered as normal throughout April and May. Long live local production!

Orders are made online. Shipping fees for Quebec and Ontario are a flat rate of $35 per order. Other provinces vary between $50 and $100 depending on location and order size. Check here for detailed information.