Japanese Quince - <em>Chaenomeles japonica</em> - Zone 4 -

Japanese Quince - Chaenomeles japonica - Zone 4

Beautiful primarily ornamental shrub that also gives extremely aromatic fruit that can be processed to make delicious preserves and jellies.

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The Shrub

Japanese quince is a low-spreading deciduous shrub originating from eastern Asia. It is valued primarily for its ornamental characteristics. It grows at a medium rate and can typically live around 40 years. The shrub exhibits a low and densely tangled-looking form with glossy dark green leaves and small thorns. Reasonable size expectations are about 3ft tall and a 4 ft spread.   It produces stunning red flowers in late spring and vibrant yellow fruit that exude a captivating fragrance. Grows best in moist, well-drained soil and full sun but is not picky, persisting in most all soil and light conditions while showing a tolerance to air pollution.

Its Uses

Japanese quince fruit are not suitable for raw eating but make excellent preserves and jellies and can add a pleasant tangy, citrusy touch to dishes when grated on top or stewed to impart their flavours to other ingredients. These spiky plants also make a great barrier and their spreading root system has potential in erosion control.

Height at maturity90 cm (3 feet)
Spacing1 metre (3.2 feet)
Hardiness zone4
Soiladaptable (best in moist, well-drained soil)
Sun / shadefull sun / partial shade
Floweringmid-late May
Harvestmid-late October
Average fruit weight100 g
Fruit coloryellow
Years to bear fruit3
Latin nameChaenomeles japonica
Average diameter of fruit53 mm
Also known as