Black Ice Plum Tree - Zone 4 - Early Ripening Dessert Plum -

Black Ice Plum Tree - Zone 4 - Early Ripening Dessert Plum

Black Ice plum is an early ripening dessert plum from Wisconsin that delivers a fresh eating experience difficult to match among cold-hardy plums.

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The Fruit

Black Ice plum, also know as Lydecker plum, has an average diameter of 2 inches and is a freestone plum. Its skin has a scintillating dark purple hue and the flesh is a deep red. The fruit has a sweet and juicy flavour that is of excellent dessert quality and is ready for harvest late July to early August. Like most stone fruits it has a limited storage life.

The Tree

Black Ice plum tree is a vigorous grower with a compact and weepy growth habit. It is a precocious bearer sometimes giving fruit within one year of plantation. Black Ice is a self-sterile variety meaning it needs a wild plum like Canada plum growing nearby for optimal pollination. It is fully hardy to zone 4.

Its Origins

Black Ice plum was developed by Dr. Brian Smith at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. It is a cross between the Japanese dessert plum Z’s blue giant and Oka cherry plum.

Height at maturity4-5 metres (13-16 feet)
Spacing4 metres (12-15 feet)
Hardiness zone4
SoilWell drained
Sun / shadeFull sun
HarvestLate July to early August
Average fruit weight
Fruit colorDark purple skin / Red flesh
Years to bear fruit6
PollinationSelf-sterile, needs a Canada Plum
Latin namePrunus Black Ice
Average diameter of fruit2 inches
Also known asLydecker plum