Brookred Plum Tree - Zone 3 - A Crimson-Red Plum -

Brookred Plum Tree - Zone 3 - A Crimson-Red Plum

Brookred is very cold-resistant, hardy to zone 3a; and produces sweet and flavoursome dark red plums with orange flesh.

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The Fruit

Brookred plums are medium in size but attractive, with a nice dusky pink-red skin and a golden interior. The texture is juicy, but a little firmer than some other plums. It has a good rich flavour; slightly tangy with a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. It has the additional benefit of being freestone, which gives it a high recommendation for cooking and baking, as well as for eating fresh. Note that the peel is quite sour, and especially when it is cooked, if the peel is not removed, it has a tendency to give a sour taste to the flesh. Be sure to use this fruit quickly, as like all stone fruits it has quite a short shelf-life.

The Tree

The tree is a seedling born from Pembina plum tree; a hybrid between the Japanese Plum (P. Salicina) and the American Plum (P. Americana). It is hardy at least to zone 3a, and is worth trying in zone 2 also. The tree is self-sterile and must be pollinated by either the American Plum or the Canada Plum in order to give a good harvest.

The Origin

The variety 'Brookred' was introduced by the Crop Diversification Centre South in Brooks, Alberta.

Height at maturity 4-5 metres (13-16 feet)
Spacing 4 metres (12-15 feet)
Hardiness zone3
SoilWell drained
Sun / shade Full sun
Harvest Mid-August
Average fruit weight
Fruit color Dark red skin / Orange flesh
Years to bear fruit5
PollinationSelf-sterile, requires a Canada or American plum for pollination.
Latin name
Average diameter of fruit
Also known as