Canada plum - Prunus nigra - The best plum pollinator -

Canada plum - Prunus nigra - The best plum pollinator

The Canadian plum (Prunus nigra) is native, but it is also the best plum tree to use as a pollinator for hybrid plum trees.

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This wild plum tree is native to Canada and will pollinate American and Asian plum trees. The small fruit are delicious if left to ripen fully on the tree. Ideal for jams and jellies too. They are impressive to look at when in bloom.

It is the plum tree that offers the longest pollination period, starting its flowers with the very first flowering plum tree varieties, and lasting as long as the last days of the latest flowering plum tree varieties.

Height at maturity15 feet
Spacing15 feet
Hardiness zone2
SoilTolererant to not so well drained soil but will thrive in soil that is well-drained
Sun / shadeFull sun
FloweringMid to Late May
HarvestLate August
Average fruit weight
Fruit colorRed
Years to bear fruit5 to 6
Latin namePrunus nigra
Average diameter of fruit
Also known as