Collection Plum trees -

Collection Plum trees

We have a large collection of hardy plum tree varieties, and we sometimes have some extras to share! This section is intended for collectors or enthusiasts looking for rare or special varieties.


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When adding one of the plum of the collection to your basket, make sure to take note of the name of the variety, as well as the available height, and transcribe it into the comment box when you are sending your order.

Elroy (European type plum) Zone 4 - selfsterile: Elroy is a beautiful plum, small and shaped like a tear drop. It is very sweet, with a thin skin and has the advantage of being freestone. (Self-sterile. It needs to be pollinated by another European plum, such as Ewing Blue to produce fruit)

Height at maturity
Hardiness zone
Sun / shade
Average fruit weight
Fruit color
Years to bear fruit
Latin name
Average diameter of fruit
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