Hardygold plum tree - Zone 3 - A very productive plum tree -

Hardygold plum tree - Zone 3 - A very productive plum tree

Very limited quantity. The Hardygold plum tree is a must for cold climate, it is hardy to zone 3 and produces a wonderful sweet plum.

2-3 Feetsold-out$40.00$0.00
1-2 Feetsold-out$35.00$0.00
3-5 Feetsold-out$45.00$0.00

The fruit

The skin of Hardygold is yellow. Fofonoff is a firm, juicy and sweet plum. It is a good plum for fresh eating and jams and it matures in mid-August.

The tree

The plum tree has to be pollinated by a Canada plum or an American plum to set a good amount of fruit. It is hardy to zone 3.


This tree was given to us as the variety "Fofonoff - Homesteader", but it ended up to be something else!  We think it is either a Fofonoff seedling or an American plum seedling.

Height at maturity4-5 metres (13-16 feet)
Spacing4 metres (12-15 feet)
Hardiness zone3
SoilWell drained
Sun / shadeFull sun
FloweringEarly to Mid-May
Average fruit weight
Fruit colorYellow
Years to bear fruit6
PollinationSelf-sterile, requires a Canada or American plum for pollination.
Latin name
Average diameter of fruit4cm
Also known as