La Crescent - A freestone plum looking and tasting like apricot -

La Crescent - A freestone plum looking and tasting like apricot

'La Crescent' plum's taste is reminiscent of apricots! It is freestone and it was introduced by the University of Minnesota.

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The fruit

The 'La Crescent' plum is sweet and juicy, of a golden-orange colour. Its flesh is yellow like an apricot, its melting and not fibrous. 'La Crescent' plum is freestone, meaning that you can easily remove its seed from its flesh. Its taste has a hint of apricot. This is a good plum to eat fresh, as a dessert and to make jam.

The tree

'La Crescent' is a hybrid plum and it must be pollinated by a pure Canadian Plum (Prunus nigra) or a pure American plum (Prunus americana) in order to produce fruit. This plum tree is hardy to zone 4.

'La Crescent' is more a ''curiosity'' plum tree than a comercial one, in the sense that it is not a heavy bearer. It is sensitive to the shot-hole leaf spot disease (Coryneum blight).


Also known as 'Crescent', 'Golden La Crescent' and 'Golden Minnesota'. La Crescent is a cross between the 'Shiro' plum (Prunus simonii x Prunus salicina x Prunus cerasifera x Prunus munsoniana) and 'Howard Yellow' plum ( Prunus americana). It was introduced in 1923 by the University of Minnesota Fruit Breeding Farm.

Please note that trees over 5 feet tall are reserved for pick up orders only, they can not be shipped by mail.

Height at maturity4,5 metres (15 feet)
Spacing3 metres (10 feet)
Hardiness zone4a
SoilWell drained
Sun / shadeFull sun
Average fruit weight20g
Fruit colorGolden-orange skin - Yellow flesh
Years to bear fruit6
PollinationSelf-Sterile, needs a Prunus Nigra or Prunus Americana for pollination
Latin namePrunus La Crescent
Average diameter of fruit
Also known as