Petite Soeur de la Mont-Royal Plum Tree - Zone 3b - A self-fertile european plum -

Petite Soeur de la Mont-Royal Plum Tree - Zone 3b - A self-fertile european plum

Very limited quantity. The round blue skinned fruit has a very sweet and aromatic flesh.

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I discovered this plum tree in a close by village, the old lady gave me the permission to bring some fruit back home. From St-Alexis-de-Montcalm, this is not the Mount-Royal plum, but it is close to it, probably one of its seedlings. We gave it that name because it is so close to Mount-Royal. Can be canned, but is a true delight fresh. We think it is the hardiest of the European plums, and it is self-fertile.

Sadly, Petite Soeur de la Mont Royal has one major drawback. Like all European Plums, it is very susceptible to Black Knot: a major fungal disease which can affect the tree very badly. It is our last year propagating it, as it has proven itself too susceptible to disease. It produces really wonderful plums, so we are sorry to lose it, but we have chosen to concentrate from next year on more resistant varieties that are more in line with our philosophy of producing only trees that are hardy, resistant and easy to grow.

If you have noticed Black Knot in your area, we would not advise you to go for this plum tree as you will likely have some problems with it later on - however if you want to try it, now is your last chance!

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