Underwood Plum Tree -

Underwood Plum Tree

Underwood plum is a delicious semi-freestone red plum originating in Minnesota. It ripens quite early and keeps better than other plums.

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The Fruit

The Underwood plum is a medium to large plum with an oblong or conic form. The skin is a red and moderately thick with a slightly tart flavour. The aromatic flesh is golden yellow; tender, sweet and juicy. It is almost completely freestone but with still a little cling. These plums are ready for harvest for us in mid-August and keep better than other plums but still have relatively limited fresh storage life.

The Tree

Underwood plum tree is large and vigorous with a spreading growth pattern. It provides large annual yields given good pollination and has beautiful yellow fall colour; hardy to zone 3.

Its Origin

Underwood plum originated from the University of Minnesota breeding program where it was originally tested as Minn 91 and was introduced in 1921, making it one of the oldest commercially available cultivars from the program. It is a cross between Shiro (P. angustifolia x P.cerasifera x P. salicina x P. simonii) and Wyant (P. Americana).

Height at maturity4-5 metres (13-16 feet)
Spacing4 metres (12-15 feet)
Hardiness zone3
SoilWell drained
Sun / shadeFull sun
HarvestAugust 15
Average fruit weight40 g
Fruit colorRed skin, yellow flesh
Years to bear fruit6
PollinationSelf-sterile, requires a Canada or American plum for pollination.
Latin name
Average diameter of fruit4 cm
Also known as