1) Why are some of your trees sold-out?

Due to the on-going demand from our customers, there will be times when stock is not available. We are looking to increase production levels to address all future requests.

2) When is the best time to order trees?

The order period runs from August to May of the following year. The best time to place an order is in early August. At checkout, you will have the possibility to select either a Fall or Spring delivery.

A lot of fruit trees3) Can I get discount if I buy in quantity?

Yes, for some of our trees. Bulk prices are listed under each item if available.

No, for grafted fruit trees (apple, plum, pear trees). Our nursery is small, and we sell all our production each year. We take very good care of our trees. Please understand that our prices are competitive given all the work we do to produce our trees. Buying a fruit tree is an investment. A fruit tree will pay back your investment by the second year of production.

*Note: for orders of 100+ fruit trees, we might be able to offer a small discount this year. Contact us by email.

4) Can I buy trees during the summer?

No. Our nursery is closed during the summer. Our trees are sold bare rooted when they are dormant (April or October). Digging them out of the soil in summer will result in them dying. You can however choose and order the varieties you want online during the summer. At checkout, you will have the opportunity to choose pick-up or a Fall or Spring delivery.

5) Can I visit the nursery during summer?

As much as we love receiving visitors, and sharing our passion for what we do, due to the limited resources we have available to maintain the nursery, orchard and vegetable garden, we are unable to accomodate any such requests.

We are however open to accepting daily help for groups of 5 or more. We also accept interns for a longer period of time. Please contact us if you are interested.

Carefully packaged trees6) Can you ship the trees?

Yes. We ship orders with Canada Post (Accelerated or Express) all over Canada, except to British-Columbia because of its specific rules and regulations regarding fruit trees imports. Depending on your location, you should receive them within 1 to 7 days. We always ship trees on a Monday or Tuesday, so they spend a minimum of time at the post office.

7) How do you ensure the trees will arrive in a healthy condition?

Our trees are carefully packaged to ensure they reach their destination without damage. The roots are packed with moist soil or sawdust to avoid drying. In the unlikely event your trees arrive damaged or in poor condition, please contact us and we will replace them or reimburse you in full. 

8) You refer to cold resistance with a zone number. What is a zone number?

Zones range from 0 to 8, with 0 being the coldest and 8 the warmest. Zone 3 trees resistance can be planted in zones 3 to 8, but cannot be planted in zones 2, 1, or 0 because they would suffer from frost damage and might die. Our nursery is located in a zone 4 area, but almost all of our trees are cold resistant to at least zone 3. All the trees we grow and sell can be planted in zone 4 to 8, most grow well in zone 3 and many will be healthy and happy in zone 2. Very few of our trees are hardy to zone 1, but some are!

However, zones do not mean everything, and it's clearly worth trying zone 2 trees in zone 1, knowing however that they may possibly be injured in the coldest winter, but have a good chance to survive. To make it clear, if you live in a zone 3 area, check for trees identified as zone 3, 2 and 1.

9) How do I know which zone I live in?

Agriculture Canada has a map that you can see better by clicking on the image below. Check the map to determine your zone. If you have problems determining your zone, contact us and we will happily guide you.Canadian zones map

10) Why are your trees smaller than those from garden centres?

Our trees are not small. They are normal sized for healthy trees grown naturally without chemical fertilizers.  When you buy a tree from Hardy Fruit Tree Nursery, you buy a healthy tree with strong roots that is not afraid to be transplanted to its new home. Wherever you plant our trees, in rich or poor soil, clay or sand, with compost or manure, they will adapt themselves to their new environment. Our trees are really tough, they will fight to live!

Trees from garden centres are fed with "fast-food" and are "overweight"! They are generally unhealthy and their roots are too small for their trunk and branches. They undergo an enormous shock during transplantation. Most importantly, they need to be boosted with chemical fertilizer to keep growing. They won't easily adapt from "fast-food" to "healthy food"!

11) Can I order only one tree?

No. This is mainly due to the amount of time needed for each order in administration, customer service and packaging costs. We thank you for your understanding.

However, if you want to come and pick-up the trees, we will have an open day on Saturday and Sunday April 27th-28th, 2019, where it will be possible to buy trees without minimum order. We can't reserve the trees for you in advance; however, if you live far away, one suggestion we have is to make a group order with some relatives or friends in order to reach the minimum $100 order.

12) What are the shipping fees?

The shipping and handling fees for orders shipped to Quebec are as follows:

Orders between $100 and $500 = $35 Shipping fees
Orders of more than 500$ = FREE, no shipping fees

The shipping and handling fees for orders shipped to Ontario are as follows:

Flat rate: $35 for all orders

Shipping with Canada PostThe shipping and handling fees for orders shipped to New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island  are as follows:

Orders between $100 and $300 = $50 Shipping fees
Orders of more than 300$ = $65 Shipping fees

The shipping and handling fees for orders shipped to Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba are as follows:

Orders between $100 and $200 = $50 Shipping fees
Orders between $200.01 and $300 = $60 Shipping fees
Orders between $300.01 and $400 = $70 Shipping fees
Orders between $400.01 and $500 = $80 Shipping fees
Orders of more than 500$ = $90 Shipping fees

The shipping and handling fees for orders shipped to Newfoundland are as follows:

Orders between $100 and $300 = $60 Shipping fees
Orders of more than 300$ = $75 Shipping fees

For shipping and handling for orders to Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut we charge a $100 flat rate so it might be best to try to make a joint order with friends or neighbours to help defray the expense.