How to plant a bare rooted tree?

26, 2014

Planting a bare rooted treeWondering what is the best technique to plant a bare rooted tree? Come and learn how!

We sell bare rooted trees, which are not the same as the potted trees most people are used to. Planting a potted tree and a bare rooted tree is not the same thing.



How to plant a tree

Many people have planted a tree in their life. Sometimes it was successful, sometimes not. Many believe it is their lack of a green thumb that is the problem. However, planting a tree successfully does not require any magic or luck, and you can easily learn here how to plant a tree correctly.

1. Planning

Planting an orchard or a forest first needs a good plan. Planting only one tree is simpler, but it still requires that you verify some elements. The first element to determine is the amount of sun or shade needed. Check on the description of the tree you want to plant to see if it needs sun or shade and make sure that you plant it accordingly. It is useless, for example, to plant an apple tree that needs full sun in a shady spot. The apple tree will become sick and will not produce any fruit. If you only have shade, you should consider planting another species, for example the serviceberry that tolerates shade.

The second element to verify is the soil drainage. Is your soil well drained or is it swampy? If you don’t know, dig a hole and fill it with water. See how long it takes for the water to pass through the soil. If it stays for a while and if your soil looks like mud for days after a rain, it is not well drained. You will need to choose a species that likes humid soil or you will have to install a drain. Many species will tolerate excess water for 2 weeks in spring after the snow thaws.

The third element to verify is the pH of your soil to be sure it is not located in the extremes. For example, if there are only pines on your land, you have an indicator that your soil is acidic and that you must plant trees that like acidic soil, unless you want to correct your soil pH. You can also get a general overview of your soil pH by identifying which weeds grow naturally on it. To be more precise you could use a pHmeter to measure it, but the simplest method would be to bring a soil sample to your agricultural CO-OP where they can cheaply test your soil pH.