Apple trees

It is essential to choose an apple tree adapted to Canada's climate. Cold-hardy apple trees are the key to success in the North. Planting and growing is easier when you choose the right tree. The right apple tree for Canada is cold-hardy and disease resistant.

All of our apple trees are grafted on full-size rootstock, most of which is cold hardy to zone 2. (The few exceptions are our varieties for zone 4, which are grafted onto seedlings grown from the apples in our orchard, all hardy to zone 4 or colder.) Our apple trees are extremely vigorous with a long lifespan. Of the 200+ varieties of apple trees in our orchard, they all survived the winter test of -47° Celsius. Amongst all our produce, we have carefully selected the apple trees with true hardiness, a superior taste, and resistant to disease. You are assured peace of mind when choosing from the varieties below, as they are all top of the line.

The apple trees we propagate need very little maintenance, whereas varieties such as McIntosh, Cortland , Empire and Honeycrisp are delicate, susceptible to disease and nutrient deficiencies, and tend to be maintained with the use of pesticides and fungicides numerous times every summer.

Most apple trees will bear fruit even when planted alone, but they will all be a lot more productive when planted alongside another variety to pollinate them.  We would suggest planting your apple trees in fertile, well drained soil, spacing them 9 metres (30 feet) apart. Your apple tree should start to bear fruit within 5-6 years.

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UPDATE: All of our grafted apple trees are now sold out for spring 2021. The only available apple trees left are our Seedling crabapple for Wildlife. We are very sorry about the situation but will try to do better for spring 2022! Our inventory will be online in January 2022.