How to order

Step 1: Understand what you are buying.

A) Our fruit trees are grown naturally, without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. They are normal sized, not oversized. Unlike trees sold in garden centres, you will find our trees are small and that they look like whips. This is because we have pruned the branches to make a straight tree and to direct more energy to the trunk. When smaller trees are planted they will usually adapt better to their new environment and grow faster than taller trees.

B) We sell bare rooted fruit trees. We ship them well packed with moist earth so the roots won't dry out. Bare rooted trees have more natural root systems because the roots are not restricted by growing in a pot.

C) Buying bare rooted trees also means that they don't take up much space once they are packed and are much easier to carry and ship.

The photo below shows about one hundred bare rooted trees in their package. The entire package would fit in your arms. If they had been grown in pots, you would have needed a pick up or a trailer to take them home.

Buy fruit trees in Canada, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario

D) We specialize in trees adapted to cold climates. Our trees are almost all cold hardy to zone 3 or below. They will withstand the harsh climate of Canada with no problem.

E) We do not sell dwarf trees as they are less vigorous and have a very short life. All our fruit trees are grafted on full-size rootstock.

Step 2: Understand who you are buying from.

We are a small nursery and all our trees are grown on-site. We are not a reseller. We offer quality trees and excellent service. As the demand for cold hardy fruit trees increases, be sure to order early as demand exceeds supply. Our trees are cold hardy and are not grown in a greenhouse. They are grown outside to be ready for "real-life" when planted in your yard.

There are only two weekends in the year when you can come to pick up your trees, one weekend at the end of April and one in October. Do not expect to find a huge garden centre with buildings, greenhouses, machinery, and employees, because you won't see any of that!

  quality cold hardy fruit trees canadian grown

Step 3: Location and shipping specifications.

We ship all throughout Canada.

Taller trees are more expensive to ship.

Step 4: Choose the trees you want to buy.

When buying trees from our cold Hardy Fruit Tree Nursery, be assured you will be purchasing fast-growing, disease and cold resistant varieties. Buying a fruit tree from us is an investment. A fruit tree will pay back your investment by the second year of production. Even if your neighbours laugh, your little trees will soon outgrow their garden centre trees!

Ready to place an order? Click on “Our trees”.

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Chose a category by clicking on it. (Example shown below: Apple tree)

Buy an hardy apple tree Malus sp.


Chose the variety you would like to buy by clicking on it. (Example shown below: Collet Apple tree)

Buy the best apple tree variety


Step 5: Enter the quantity you want to buy, and click on “Add to cart”.

Cold hardy fruit trees to buy


Step 6 : Review your cart.

Make sure that your cart holds all the items you want to order. If everything is okay, click on “Continue to checkout”.

Apple tree for cold climate Canada


Step 7: Complete the appropriate fields with your personal information, and then click on “Proceed to confirmation”.

Canadian apples for cold winters


Step 8: Answer the security question, and submit your order by clicking on “Confirm my order”.

The best fruit trees variety for notrh climate


Step 9: Confirmation email

Once you have completed checkout, you wil receive an automatic confirmation email.

We usually respond to emails and orders within 24 hours. If you have not received an email from us within 3 days, contact us.

We will email you a Sales Quote explaining how to make your payment. We will also tell you when you can pick-up your trees, or when they will be shipped, depending on your choice.

Step 10: Learning about your trees.

If you are unfamiliar with fruit trees, it is essential to read about and study them. Go to our tutorials page to start.

Obviously, the most important thing is to learn how to plant your trees! Go here for further details.