Bagging: How to get perfect fruit without pesticideJanuary 12, 2018

Bagging apple treesWe have an orchard of more than 300 hardy apple varieties which we use to test their hardiness, taste, disease and bug resistance in Canadian conditions. After 10 years of observation, we successfully identified many hardy, tasty and disease resistant varieties. However, bugs continued to be a problem.

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Area calculator December 12, 2017

Superficy tableWe built a tool to enable you to calculate the amount of land needed to plant the trees you wish to plant. Please note that this table is adapted to the trees that we produce, and has been built with trees grafted on standard rootstock. Therefore, you won't get correct results if using this table to calculate the space needed to plant dwarf fruit trees.

If you are planning a big plantation, also note that this table does not take into account the space needed for rows, so you will have to adjust the result.

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Fertilising fruit treesJanuary 19, 2015

Composted manureAs with vegetables in the garden, fruit trees have specific needs in regards to fertilisation. In this tutorial, we will examine the three rules of fertilisation.

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How to prune a grape vineJanuary 8, 2015

Whether you are growing your grape vines in a row or over a trellis, your grape vines must be pruned each year. Learning how to prune your grape vine is the first step in gathering a bountiful supply of grapes. Grape vines need a heavy pruning, which often scares gardeners as they have to remove 90% of the branches!

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How to plant a bare rooted tree?January 26, 2014

Planting a bare rooted treeWondering what is the best technique to plant a bare rooted tree? Come and learn how!

We sell bare rooted trees, which are not the same as the potted trees most people are used to. Planting a potted tree and a bare rooted tree is not the same thing.

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Why are fruit trees grafted?January 16, 2014

Grafting fruit treesGrafting is a technique that has been practiced for thousands of years by many civilisations, particularly the Chinese. It is still one of the most important tree propagation techniques. Grafting can occur naturally in forests when two branches of two different trees touch each other, merge, and continue to grow. When people buy fruit trees, they are almost always grafted; especially apple and pear trees. But, what is grafting?

Grafting is used by nurseries for many reasons. The first and most important reason is to produce a plant variety identical to the original source.

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Understanding cold-hardiness and hardiness zonesJanuary 10, 2014

Winter and fruit treesEvery Canadian gardener should know their hardiness zone, or they will have a nasty surprise in spring. Winter frosts will kill a tree or plant if it is not located in an appropriate hardiness zone.

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