Who are we?

The Hardy Fruit Tree Nursery is located in Sainte-Julienne, one hour north of Montreal, in the Lanaudiere region of Quebec, Canada. We propagate, grow and sell fruit trees that are adapted to the northern climate. Our vision is to provide every individual and farm the possibility to successfully grow fruit trees. Our nursery started at the very beginning because of the disappointment in not finding any proper fruit or nut trees for colder climate than zone 5. We aim to provide clear and simple information through our website so that anybody will be able to grow fruit trees without problem. And we ship all over Canada (except British Columbia) at an affordable price!

What do we grow?

In the nursery and garden we have hundreds of rare varieties of fruit and vegetables. A testimony to the huge biodiversity inherited from our ancestors. 

Growinf fruit trees in permaculture garden design

All our trees are grown naturally with no herbicides, fungicides or chemical fertilizers. They are grown, propagated and cared for by passionate, nature-loving people. Our mission is to offer and promote hardy fruit trees that will survive even in the northernmost regions of Canada, including the Prairies. Wherever you live you can rely on an abundant fruit harvest!

We love trees and have selected the varieties that we think will perform the best in our harsh climate. Most of our trees can withstand winter temperature down to  -50ºC (zone 2), are disease resistant, and are less prone to insect damage.

Who is Hardy Fruit Tree Nursery team?

Every year we have dozens of interns and volunteers who wish to learn about trees and self-sufficiency. They come and experience what it is to have a nursery and care for trees. From planting to grafting and pruning to harvesting, they participate in all aspects of running a nursery and orchard. Below are a few photos of some of the wonderful helpers we have had. We wish to thank them all for helping us making it possible to grow and distribute fruit trees all around Canada!

hardy fruit tree teamApril 2015 Hardy Fruit Tree Team

What is a hardy fruit tree?

The word hardy refers to a tree that can withstand the cold of winter in the open air. This means that the trees we select, grow and propagate are winter-proof in Canada. They will not die because of a cold winter. Most of the trees we sell can survive down to 47°C (52°F).

Trees in winter  

Do our hardy trees produce good-tasting fruit?

Some varieties of fruit trees (the John pear tree, for example) are very hardy (zone 2 in this case) and produce big, beautiful fruit, but, and it's a big BUT, John pears are inedible because of the taste! We do not offer these types of trees. Too many times we have heard people telling us that they are going to cut off their pear tree of 10 years old because the fruit is no good to eat and it was the only place in their yard to plant a fruit tree.

The varieties we offer have been selected because they give good results based on the following three criteria:

  1. Hardiness (will withstand at least 40°C (40°F)  without frost damage)
  2. Resistance to diseases
  3. Good taste

While not as important, we also take the criteria listed below into account when selecting our varieties. If a variety does not meet one or more of these criteria (very small pears, for example) we mention this in the description. We try our very best to provide the most accurate description of all our trees.

  1. Size of the fruit
  2. Good storage properties
  3. Heritage variety
  4. Bear fruit at an early age
  5. Appearance of the fruit and tree
  6. Exclusive variety discovered in our area

   Foffonof yellow plumPear tree in Sainte-Julienne

Do we grow all our trees?

All the trees we sell have been grown, grafted, and cared for by us. We are not resellers.

We work hard every year to improve our installations and organization to be able to offer more trees with a greater variety. However, since we are an artisanal nursery, we are unable to make the improvements as fast as we would like. We hope you understand our situation. We do not want to become a big business. We want to care for our trees naturally and to keep in close touch with you, our customer! We believe that some of the passion and quality is lost when companies become too big. This is not what we want!

Gafted fruit trees for northern climate

Are we certified organic?

No. We follow organic principles however. We do not use pesticides, fungicides or chemical fertilizers. Our trees are only given compost and manure. Everything is done naturally!

For more answers to your questions, please go to the F.A.Q. page